What We Do

Childhood should be a time to be carefree and happy – but not all of us are so lucky. Colours of Childhood depicts human determination and courage, as well as the urge to love and help others. It gives hope for a better, more united world.


Colours of Childhood is a tribute to childhood and its many colours. It is an anthology of poetry which gives a distinctive insight into childhood and much more. Over one hundred contributions by people from all walks of life accompany the poems; they include religious leaders, royalty, sporting personalities, actors, politicians and musicians. The full-page colour illustrations throughout the book provide a thought-provoking background.


Every sale of Colours of Childhood will help the UK charity Willing and Abel (Registration Number 1130492). This charity helps numerous children including those who sometimes cannot even be helped by other charities. There are conditions and diseases that most doctors have only ever read about in textbooks; and certainly not many doctors will have treated these devastating conditions. Willing and Abel has an ethos to bring together all the resources required to help children who are unlucky enough to have been burdened with conditions that require very specialist surgery.


Colours of Childhood is a testament to the importance of childhood and the support that can benefit those in need. It uses the charity Willing and Abel as a model organisation helping children in need, for example, Regina – a young girl from Ghana who had life-changing facial surgery at The Royal London Hospital, United Kingdom. More information about Regina and her life-changing operation can be found on the BBC website and BBC iPlayer at www.bbctelevision.co.uk and also at www.willingandabel.org.uk


It has transformed and saved many lives, but Willing and Abel is a small organisation – it requires a substantial increase in funding to advance the work it does to other needy children in the world. It is a charity with a global ambition. Our hearts sink when a child is turned away due to a lack of resources – and the aim of Colours of Childhood is to change this by providing a means for the charity Willing and Abel to change the lives of children worldwide.


We all have hopes and dreams, many of these in childhood. But life’s twists and turns can make or break a future. What were your childhood hopes and dreams? Wherever life leads you, Colours of Childhood is sure to inspire you and brighten your way.


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