A significant number of people have been involved in the creation of Colours of Childhood – the role played by each and every individual and organisation has been crucial in ensuring the production of this unique anthology.

Hampton Bond International sincerely thanks Dr Humayun Ayub for his invaluable support – without which this book would not have been possible. Markos Demetriou is highly praised for his extremely skilled illustrative work which undoubtedly brings this book to life. Miss Wilkins is greatly thanked for her exemplary operational management of this complex project. A tremendous amount of gratitude is owed to Sheila Whitehead for organising numerous detailed reviews which have proved invaluable. We are grateful to Mr Ayoub for his expert technical knowledge which has been tremendously influential. Sarah Warren-MacMillan has provided expert opinions and help which have been greatly appreciated. We thank Norma Anderson for her sincere advice and Nicola Lees for her distinguished design assistance.

The creativity at a number of excellent educational establishments has been a pivotal foundation for this book – we express our sincere gratitude to the staff and students at: St Benedict’s School (London) especially Annie Colquhoun, Lucille Southgate, Linda David, Frances Rutherford, Lana Powell, Becky Machin, Lynn Smith and Joanna Loveless; Dartford Grammar School for Girls (Kent) especially Wendy Mackenzie-Ingle; St George’s Weybridge (Surrey) especially Susan Rowlatt; Stonyhurst College (Lancashire) especially Jonathan Smith, Julie Greenwood and Paul Ellis; Dartford Grammar School (Kent) especially Patrick Gray; Eton College (Windsor) especially Angus Graham-Campbell and Sarah Warren-MacMillan.

The tremendous generosity shown by those making a financial donation during the creation of this work has been inspiring. Countess Mountbatten of Burma, Lord Michael Heseltine, The Honourable Rupert Soames, Frederick Forsyth, Hugh Fraser, President George Vassiliou, Kevin Brownlow, Valerie Masterson, Jilly Cooper, Jo Brand, Jeremy Paxman, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jill Dawson, Pat Robertson (Chairman of the Board, The Christian Broadcasting Network, USA), Lady Sheila Caro and the late Sir Anthony Caro have provided wonderful support. Their donations have aided the lives of numerous children around the world.

We owe immense gratitude for the kindness shown by individuals donating memorabilia, including Lord Jeffrey Archer, John Terry, Peter Blake, Ainsley Harriott and Michael Schumacher. The donation of artwork by Guy Rusha and Alasdair Gray, subsequently utilised during the illustration of this anthology (pages 41 and 80 respectively), is greatly appreciated.

We thank Ilona Sawicka and Simon Porter of Duroc Media, and Fourth Chord Records for their contribution of the Status Quo illustrative creation. We are also grateful to Jenny DiMauro and Barbara Fucigna of Thames Talent, and photographer Martin Philbey, for their kindness in organising the photograph signed by Deep Purple.

The incredible support of all our suppliers is sincerely appreciated, including but not limited to CPI Group (UK) Ltd, Michael Todd and John Harrison of RCS plc, Gerard O’Hare and Joy Robinson of The Bookseller Group, The School Librarian, Ann and Brian Shilling of Space Marketing, Angela Krzyzanowska of The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, Richard Pike of Curtis Brown Group Ltd, Barry Potter of Haines Watts Limited and Timothy Sowa, Alex Wells and Elizabeth Pilgrim of Nielsen Book International and Nielsen BookData.

The quotation from Sir Winston Churchill on page 218 has been reproduced with the kind permission of Curtis Brown, London, on behalf of the Estate of Sir Winston Churchill (Copyright © Winston S. Churchill).

We are of course extremely privileged to share with the world the story of Willing and Abel and are grateful to the charity’s Founder and Trustee Dr Abigail Boys, and all the current Trustees, including Graeme Muir, Nick Gunne, Peter Boys, Kenny Estelle, Jenny Pollard and Dr Benita Morrissey, as well as the previous Trustees, Sam Owusu-Antwi, Andy Bates, Gavin Tench, Geri Haack, Gillian Solway and Mark Solway. We thank the international organisations that have been pivotal in the success of Willing and Abel and/or this book, including Mercy Ships, Medical Centres of West Africa, Energy for Opportunity, International Journal of Clinical Skills, Saving Faces, The Chain of Hope, Bambini Cardiopatici, Shisong Hospital, Cure International and Virgin Atlantic. All the medical board advisors and surgeons are thanked for their huge passion in helping care for children all over the world.

Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Professor Iain Hutchison and his team at The Royal London Hospital, United Kingdom, are deserving of our deep gratitude for operating on Regina’s complex facial tumour.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Lord Ian McColl who has been vital in many charitable endeavours. Also a huge thank you to Kirstie Randall for bringing to light Regina’s case – a good deed never to be forgotten.

We are eternally grateful to our friends and families for supporting us all during the production of this book, especially June Boys, Ellen Demetriou, Demetris Demetriou, Martin Ray, Marie Randall, John Randall, Grant Bulmuo, Katy O’Connor, Gerry O’Connor, Ali Kendall, Matt Kendall, Heidi Partti, Toni Partti, Kari Downer, Andy Downer, Michael Siney, Nigel Gainsborough, Jennifer Raw, Wendy Greene, Zubair Khan, Ziarat Khan, Catherine Handy, Mandy Taylor, Kim Missions; with sincere and special thanks to Mohammed, Fareen and family.

In addition to the aforementioned individuals and organisations, Hampton Bond International expresses its immense gratitude to the 222 writers – supporters and poets together – who have given us Colours of Childhood. Click here to read a full list of contributors in the Colours of Childhood.

Last, but by no means least, our heartfelt thanks go to Regina and her family. They are truly an inspiration to us all.