The Illustrator

Markos Demetriou is a rising and promising artist. His artwork in Colours of Childhood is a testament to his exceptional skill and talent. Every illustration portrays artistic passion and attention to detail. The illustrations bring to life the poems and contributions in Colours of Childhood.


Dabbling with the arts in his early childhood, its never-ending appeal eventually led to a more serious commitment during his teenage years. Under the guidance of his art teacher, Elisa Pieri, he practiced traditional painting and drawing techniques in various styles in order to be accepted for an art degree. His Computer Games Art Degree, allowed him to move on a slightly different path upon its completion, by practicing his, now digital, artistic skills through freelance work in the publishing industry and for charity organizations.


He is fluent in three languages, due to his Cypriot-German heritage, placed first in a National Debating Competition in Cyprus, and when not sketching away on a piece of paper, can be found reading fantasy books, watching films and documentaries, or enjoying the natural wonders of our planet.


He continually tries to absorb as many things as possible, in order to push the boundaries of what can be expressed through his art. Ultimately he hopes that one day he will be able to repay his family for their continued support, and try to positively touch as many lives as possible to promote an even better standard of living for the entire planet.